Monday, February 10, 2020

Netgear Router Customer Service

Netgear is an American International systems administration association that conveys items to Businesses, Consumers, and master communities. One of the main  gadgets by Netgear is the netgear router, which is used by millions of people across the globe now.

These days as the world is connected to each other is with the help of the internet and internet cannot work without a router/modem.So its very common that people face many problems with netgear router these days.

Some of the common problem faced by people are mentioned with solutions here so that people don't have to go other places to search for solutions.

How to login to Netgear router?

There is a specific way to login into the netgear router panel

1 Click on start button on your desktop which is on the left bottom of your screen.
2 Navigate to setting of the computer if you are using windows 10 then click on the gear icon on the lower left of the screen.
3 once you have the setting box open you will see many options you need to navigate to "Network and Internet".
4 Once you are in network and internet settings you need to click on view network properties link that you will find at the bottom of the status page.

How to Login into Netgear wireless router settings

1 Open any browser on your computer (google chrome,Firefox or internet explorer)
2 look at the back of the router you will find an IP address with user name and password written.
3 enter the IP address/URL in the address bar as given behind the router
4 Once you are on the IP address/URL you will be asked to enter user id and password, enter the same user id and password given on the back of the router
5 Click on submit, after clicking on submit if the user id and password is correct then you will be authenticated into your netgear wireless properties.

How to connect Netgear router with cable ?

1 On the back of the router you will find ports, first port will be the power port where you need to put in the power cable given with the box.

2  Second port will be internet cable port where you need to put in your internet cable which is given to you by your internet service provider.

3 Third port is the place where you need to push in coaxial cable which you got with the router box, on both the end you will find plugs to get in, so you need to put one side in the router and other side in your computer.

4 After connecting all 3 cables now you need to push the small power button on the router to start it.

5 Once you see the lights on the front side of the router then you need to navigate to networks and settings in your computer and you will see your wireless name select it right click on it and click on connect and you are good to access internet.

Upgrade Firewall for router to latest version!

well netgear has automated its update to all the netgear devices but still if your device fails to update then you can contact the netgear customer service team with the given number and ask them to help.

Repair and Installation :

We found the installation and repair guide on routersupportnumberpro for users to get information about installation and router repair steps.

Netgear customer service number : Well this is a helpline if you are still having trouble with your router or there is any other problem then you can contact netgear customer service number +1 866 847-4705 for instant help, there is no wait time you got this direct line in getting assisted from netgear experts.